OZARK ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE RATE SCHEDULE Effective for bills rendered after April 1, 2016 Single Phase: Availability charge $27.50/month Energy usage charge 9.7 cents/kWh Single Phase (w/ subdivision lights): Availability charge $30.00/month Energy usage charge 9.4 cents/kWh Three Phase (under 125 kW): Availability charge $35.00/month Energy usage charge 9.7 cents/kWh Large Power: Availability charge $37.50/month Energy usage chg 7.85 cents/kWh Demand charge $6.00/kW Security Lights: $8.55/month Power Cost Adjustment - As wholesale power costs fluctuate, the above rates shall be subject to increase or decrease through a Power Cost Adjustment (PCA) factor applied to each monthly bill. Glossary of Billing Rate Terms: Availability Charge – This is the monthly charge for having electric service available. This is also the minimum monthly bill if no kWh is used. This charge includes investment related costs including poles, wire, transformers and meters at the service location. In addition, expense related costs such as maintenance of investment, billing, collections and customer information are included. Demand Charge – Some meters are equipped to measure the amount of electricity (kW) demanded at any point in time. The maximum demand during the billing period determines the billing demand for that period. The kW demand times the rate equals the demand charge. The demand rate includes demand costs Ozark Electric pays to its power supplier (KAMO Electric). Energy Charge – All the meters we use are equipped to measure the kWh consumed during the billing period. The kWh times the rate equals the energy charge. The energy rate includes kW (kilowatt) – 1,000 watts of energy. For example, a 100 watt light bulb demands 100 watts of energy (0.1 kW) when the switch is turned on. kWh (kilowatt hour) – 1,000 watts of energy used over a time period of one hour. For example, a 100 watt light bulb burns for 10 hours equals 1 kWh.

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