Manage My Usage
Using the SmartHub link, this “My Usage” section provides several tools for you to analyze your past and current energy usage, as well as plan and conserve in the future. Compare your energy use and costs, set markers to monitor changes in your usage over periods of time, and get energy saving tips. Just click on the SmartHub link at the top of this page, and then click on “My Usage”, and finally click on one of the tabs described below to access the information you desire:

Usage Explorer - gives you a detailed look at your past and current usage, all in one place. View your usage and weather trends by month, or if available by day or hour.

Bill Comparison - lets you compare two bills’ worth of usage history side by side. View the differences between this month last year, or other combinations to see how your bill varies each month.

Average Usage - shows you what your typical or average usage is for your selected time period. For example, see your average usage on each day of the week (such as Tuesdays), over the course of a year. Or see your typical usage in each hour of the day over the course of two weeks. Discover when you can save the most on your utility bill.
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